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Jeff is a values-driven and results-oriented leader.  Some of the values that have guided him throughout his career and will make him an effective member of the Belmont School Committee include:


Do what you say you will do.  Communicate clearly and respectfully.  Ensure that processes and decisions are coherent, transparent, and inclusive,  Follow through and meet timelines.  Measure the impact of your decisions.  Own up to mistakes and do better.


Care enough to work hard on behalf of kids, families, and teachers. Put in the required hours and energy to stay connected to and keep faith with the community you serve.


Listen to and work closely with parents and caregivers, students, and educators.  Solve problems and celebrate success together.


Ensure that decisions result in access and excellence for all with a special commitment to students and families who have historically been underserved.  Anticipate how resource decisions, even for good causes, may have unintended negative consequences, especially in a resource-constrained environment.


Strive for continuous learning and improvement.  Be curious and flexible.  Adapt policies and practices to give students the support they need to be successful in a rapidly changing world.

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